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Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Providence has a means to remind us that we are mere mortals in spite of having advanced technologies that we still have to endure the fury of the nature.  Chennai has been battered for last few days with incessant rains due to multiple depressions in the bay flooding most parts of the city causing discomfort to general public. All lakes within the city  are overflowing  due to inflow of rain water and added to this the release of water from the larger lakes caused flash floods along the Adyar river and various connected lakes  and low lying areas around theses have been flooded and the water levels reached alarming levels submerging entire ground floors there forcing the people there to evacuate to upper floors or to other parts of the city or to relief centres . 

In such troubling times Chennaites rose to the occasion to take care of needy in various parts of the city without any thoughts of caste , creed or social standing thereby setting an example to entire India that we are humans first. People from all walks of life came together to galvanize the relief efforts much before the government swung into action in many localities. During the initially it was to provide bed space for stranded people unable to reach their homes due to the flooding of the roads. The perceived evil of the present generation such as facebook and twitter played a very vital role throughout the relief operations and is going on even now by letting people know of the possible bed spaces in various localities, details of relief required or available, correct updates of the weather by TamilWeatherman thereby squashing various rumours that were flying around.

During the times of intense discussions of intolerance throughout the country, Chennai floods have shown that we are truly a tolerant society as Hindus, Muslims, Christians people of various religion  got together opening up their places of worship to house the displaced persons in various areas of the city. Even the affluent shopping malls opened their door for taking people displaced and it was very heartening to see.  One comment by the armed forces personnel who are in the city for relief operations tells it all " we have seen more volunteers than the victims " and we are proud of the people of Chennai .

Politicians as usual were missing and those who remained behind made it a point to showcase their efforts by calling the media and also make comments demeaning the opposition parties. The ugly side of the story also reared its head during this distressing times by few greedy and avaricious persons such as 

Charging huge sum of monies from already distressed people for evacuation from low lying areas.

Charging double of triple time of original cost for milk, drinking water or other essential items 

Snatching of relief material being bought by common man or NGO and labelling the same as being done by xyz party.

Relief materials not reaching those in really need of the same.

But then taking only the positives and sidelining the negatives Chennai floods in fact has clearly shown that 

Nature cannot be tampered being occupied by reclaiming water bodies thereby causing flooding of those areas.

Facebook and Twitter are not social evils.... they have been a very useful and an important tool in the relief operations taken up by common man

Humanity is above all religions  and there was no lines of division among populace of various religion. People have been selflessly have been working to ensure proper relief and help reaches the needy.

Intolerance to religion social standing are being incited by few political parties  thereby creating a divide among the population . We Chennaites have shown all are indeed a tolerant society if  we are not swayed by the political parties.

Hope that this attitude displayed by people of Chennai at times of need is infectious and spreads to all parts of the country .