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Friday, February 21, 2014

Don’t worry be happy!!!

A song by Bobby McFerrin released in 1988 has played an important part in my life and it still does. My father’s close friend who has same name but different initials, would always tell these four magical words  “ Don’t  worry be happy” at times of hardship or on occasions when the person is down. I know it hard not to worry about the future especially when you have a host of people depending on your actions in the face of such situations. I maintain the same attitude “Don’t  worry be happy “ in the face of adversaries and maintain a façade of being happy with what the life is catering to me at all points of time.

I would be quite untruthful if I state that I do not worry about the future even though I maintain a facade of contentment but chose to ignore it since I have realized that by worrying , it only increase my stress and I do not tend to find solution to overcome the situation. I take life as it comes and enjoy it to the hilt without breaking my head about the future for i know that it would work out fine.

It is easier said than done and I am sure each one of you has gone through such phases in one’s life. Try to analyze the situation and arrive at the conclusion as to the outcome if you were to be worrying  instead of finding out the solutions to the hurdle. I am sure you would agree worrying does not relieve you of the situation .Hence my friends Don’t Worry Be Happy !!!! and i am sure with this approach you would find ways and means to resolve your problems.

Here is the original song… enjoy !!!

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