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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dog day afternoon

I am not talking of the 1970’s movie here but about the incident that occurred with me and Tazzo, my sister’s pet dog at their place this afternoon. Reached their place to hand over my father’s medical report and as I opened the gate Tazzo as usual barked but on hearing my voice subdued and once my father opened the door he was wagging his tail and wanted to be petted , which I did. Then as I followed my dad to his room Tazzo also was walking beside me and I patted him and suddenly he bit my hand and for a moment I did not understand anything for the pain was intense. I saw that I was bleeding profusely and also something was hanging out of the bite wound. To stop the bleeding I immediately put my hand under the running tap in the sink and with one hand was trying to call my sister who was away from the house on errands. After some time the bleeding abated considerably I took leave of my father and drove down to local clinic where I was informed that the wound is pretty deep with artery sticking out and it needs to be stitched, also I need to be vaccinated for dog bite even though Tazzo is a pet and has been immunized. So an ATS injection plus anti rabbis vaccination in addition to 3 stitches on the back of my right hand …..between the middle and ring finger was administered .

I believe pet animals also have moments of craziness and it is my misfortune that I was around Tazzo today. I only hope that it not become any more serious than this for reading about a dog bite on the net does send a shiver down my spine !!!