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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What else is Life but a dance of choices?

Rant of the day …It has nothing to do with anyone but me... !!!!

Been a silent spectator in the blog sphere for quite a long time for it has been ages since I wrote any post. All I used to do was to upload few photographs and that is it! Been trying to introspect myself as to why I hardly get the urge to write these days. May be it is the stress that is prevailing in my life at this point of time ….not being too happy with the kind of job I do, health issues and coupled with the fact that I am alone in a distant land having to fend for myself …cooking, dish washing and so forth. So what do I do in the evenings or the weekends when I have sufficient free time…nothing worthwhile at all except that read books in snatches of few pages at a time. During one such moments while reading a book by Eric Van Lustbader I came across this “What else is life but a dance of choice” and it struck a chord in me for this is how life is for each one of us... choice  does define the way you are leading your life. 

I do keep venting out my frustrations every couple of months like a pressure cooker and resign to the fact that I made the choice of being alone due to the commitments and for few days I feel revitalized but then go back into the shell again. I need to set aside the feelings of remorse of having made the choice that defines my present life and make hard choices that would change my life for better. I am not young that I can just dump the assignment and move back to India and be sure that I can pick up another job in a jiffy… at the age of 55 it does make difference since most employers are not looking for people in this range !!!

Real predicament isn’t it!!! Well need to cross this hurdle too ASAP as it is telling on my performance at the current position.I really need to find the right path now and not at the end !!! :)


  1. Hi

    Do something to get into a calm state of mind - yoga , music, exercise anything that would suit you. Then your heart will tell you only one path and the other would fade away. :)

    Sometimes we need to make risky decisions but it will all end well, dont worry! Get back home if you want to. There will be a way no matter how old you are. :)

    1. Thank you Jaishree for the kind word !! Really appreciate it !!!