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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dangerous Precedent

Tamilnadu is starting the profiling of migrant labor working in Chennai , an aftermath of the encounter killing of 5 suspected bank robbers who were from the northern states of India. This is totally against the democratic rights of each and every individual of  India who are allowed to take employment in any part of India without any harassment. The police spokesman states that the workers would not be harassed however the ground reality is totally different. Now coming to the profiling part i really do not know how does the profiling of migrant workers would weed out the anti social element since the details sought are only the records of the person. It would only create a data base of the workers being employed in Chennai or Tamilnadu and nothing more than that. Further as per the reports in the papers it is clear that most crime are not done by people coming here from the other states and  the prejudice shown by the Tamilnadu police is unfounded. If at all the profiling has to be done then each and every resident of the state needs to be a subject of this.... equality to one and all Indians.

Most of the criminals today are quite educated and it is wrong to preconceive that only unskilled or uneducated persons take to crime. The recent bank heists suspects were educated and well to do and yet chose to increase their wealth criminally and how does the Tamilnadu police monitor so many lakhs of people coming to Chennai for working in various companies or for studying. There is a definite flaw in thoughts of enumeration/profiling and if it is not scrapped then they are setting up an dangerous precedent for the other states to cite or follow similar procedures affecting scores of Tamilians working out the state.

I reproduce below the views of Times of India for fueling your thoughts on this issue

The decision to profile migrant labor goes against the spirit of social integration as enshrined in the Constitution. The stated objective of crime prevention rests on the presumption that migrants are responsible for rising levels of crime though present data may not support such a claim. Activists have raised concerns that the process could instill suspicion among locals and sow seeds of disharmony. The state should give up the exercise and focus on improving policing instead.


Your views and comments on the course of action taken by Tamilnadu Police please. !!