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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yadon ki barat…… (Memories flooding)

I am not talking about the famous multi starrer Hindi movie of early 70’s but the rush of memories that invaded my mind while watching old Hindi songs on TV yesterday. A string of songs featuring Neetu Singh from the movies Khel Khel Mein and Deewar transported me back in times while I was very young for my connection with her starts way back to 1961. Now don’t get me wrong for there is nothing romantic about the connection as she was my playmate there (a brief encounter) 

My father was posted in SriGanganagar- Rajasthan from 1958 to 1962 and the early memories from there is slightly vague for I was too young, but then I do recollect two servants who were at my beck and call, our Alsatian female dog named Sheba, my father’s double barrel 12 bore rifle, making of manja and flying kites from terrace during the late summer and so forth. It was in Sriganganagar that I met Neetu Singh when was a 3 year old child and me just about 4 years old. I hardly have any recollection of the meeting but then my father and mother had stated this and when my father was transferred out of this town we gave our dog Sheba to Neetu Singh’s father as it was not possible for us to take her along with us to Bangalore which was about 4 days travel by train.

After leaving Ganganagar I never gave a thought about this till such time I was reminded by my mother while watching the movie Yadon Ki barat …wow she looked great and I can surely say that she was the fantasy girl of millions of young Indian men for I was one among them those days. I have watched most of her movies which had released from 1972 onwards till such time I completed my college in 1979. Thinking back it makes me smile that I was so besotted by her just because she had been my playmate when she was 3!!!!  

The beauty of the human brain is such that memories last a life time but then like in computer if you do not browse the correct section of the grey cells you do not get a clear picture even though you could have a deluge of unrelated incidents popping up in your memory. I will surely share some of the interesting memories of mine as and when I am able to piece it all together.

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