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Monday, August 29, 2011

Plans for Eid holidays outing around Muscat

Hectic planning in progress for the trip to Wahiba Sands on 31st August and the reason for this haste is that each one of the team members are desperately looking out for booze bottles. Being last day of the holy month there are hardly any stocks around since the entire month the permit shop was closed and most of the black marketers have also depleted their supplies. Bookings at Al Raha desert camp has been done for 6-8 persons @ RO 20 per head which includes room, night dinner and morning breakfast. We have also booked two 4x4 vehicles for the ride into the desert from the Shell Petrol bunk at Bidhya…dune bashing and sunset from top of the dune. 

Ramlat al wahiba or Sharqiya sand is the desert region of Oman has a boundary of 180 kms  north to south and 80 kms east to west and is named after the Wahiba tribe who are the inhabitants of this region. This lies between Muscat and Sur while traveling through the Ibra route and has vast beautiful dunes and is one of the tourist spots of Oman. A number of hotels and camp dot the region each one offering various facilities and are priced according to the facilities.

Myth and mystery surrounds this region and as the legend says the Persian Shahryar incensed by the infidelity of his wife vowed to take a new wife each night and kill her the next morning. Shahrazad who consented to be his queen was beautiful and as well clever spent every night telling him legendary stories and would leave the climax of the story untold at dawn and thereby the king used to postpone  her execution  so that he could hear the complete story . 1001 nights she used to narrate thrilling stories and in the end she gave birth to three sons and the king was convinced by his wife faithfulness revoked his decree. Thus the legend of One thousand one nights.

On 1st morning after driving around in quad bikes we plan to go to Wadi Bani Khalid and swim in the natural soft water lake and then back to Muscat. Would write in detail once we are back

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