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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Agony , Ecstasy , Anger ...range of emotions in play !!

Last few weeks has been pretty interesting around the world and there has been different emotions at play in various parts of the world. A sense helplessness and doom prevailed over Japan in the aftermath of combined disaster.. the earthquake, then a tsunami hit and finally radiation worry from the battered nuclear reactor. The Japanese people true to their culture went about picking up their threads of life slowly and with immense discipline and an orderly fashion which has never been witnessed before in any other community in the world. We have a lot to learn.

 In sporting arena India beat Srilanka in thrilling world cup final played on 2nd April and lifted the World cup bringing tears of joy to the God of cricket Sachin Tendulkar and millions of cricket crazy Indian fans… coveted trophy which was eluding him till the end of his career(he has played in six world cups so far).


Terry Jones a controversial evangelic Pastor from USA who had been threatening to burn the holy Koran for over a year finally did so on 20th March 2011 . This incident has been condemned by people from all parts of the world including the President of United States of America. Little do I understand the need for doing such a thing and what has he personally achieved in return…a 5 minutes of fame !!!  While there has been little violent reaction in the rest of the Islamic world to the stunt by an obscure Florida pastor, at least 24 people have been killed in Afghanistan in recent days, including seven United Nations employees.

Three weeks  the imposition of no fly zone in Libya and the air raids there Colonel Mummar Gadafi is still holding fort at Tripoli and the western parts of Libya though quite a few senior members of his group have either defected abroad or joined the rebels. There has been an impasse there and nobody seems to know where this conflict is going to go. The war goes on for the western alliance.
Protests in the Arab countries began in early this year bringing change of regime in Tunisia and Egypt . Immediately violent protests rocked the Gulf nation of Bahrain which led to death of quite a few protestors and the protest was squashed by the ruler with the help of Saudi armed forces. Protest also rocked the port city of Sohar in Oman where Lulu supermarket was vandalized and burnt down. Ruler of Oman announced various reforms as demanded by the protestors such as salary increases , 5 day working week in the private sector, removal of some corrupt ministers as claimed by the public and yet there seems to be no end to protest which keeps taking place in this country and the demands are pretty much silly in many cases. The latest protest for change in regime are taking place in Syria and Yemen and it has been pretty violent with lots of deaths.

India is witnessing a different kind of protests these days with Anna Hazare a social activist is galvanizing the public of India to fight against the corruption by forcing government to enact a strict anti corruption act as envisaged in Jan Lokpal bill that has powers to deal with the corruption in public offices. Millions of people from all walks of the life in India are now joining this movement demanding that the government to introduce this bill, which various successive governments could not do in last four decades.