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Friday, December 17, 2010

A new brand of cigarettes………The electronic ones

Normally when you have the urge to smoke, you light up the cigarette and drag on it and then blow out blue/grey smoke in content ,but then the new generation cigarettes…… the electronic cigarette does not require a lighter, does not spew out smoke…. For those of you who want to blow smoke rings you need to use the conventional cigarette not this one. A friend of mine, a heavy smoker gave me this advertisement and wanted me to find out if this cigarette is available in Salalah. His reasoning is that he is addicted to have a cigarette in his had most of the time and needs to keep puffing almost continuously and hence if he uses the electronic cigarette he would reduce the risks to his body as the electronic one is flouted to have so many advantages over the conventional cigarettes. You can know more about this product as you go through the advertisement of VIP electronic cigarette pasted below

Electronic Cigarette and E Cigarette UK Shop
The Electronic Cigarette provides the genuine taste and experience of smoking. Tobacco or menthol flavored vapour is inhaled instead of dangerous tobacco smoke. Inhaling the vapour from the e cigarette presents the same taste as a regular cigarette and delivers an instant nicotine hit to satisfy the craving.
The UK smoking ban does not restrict the use of an electronic cigarette in public places. You have the freedom to get your nicotine practically anywhere without bothering anyone else. It is 100% legal to use in pubs, clubs, restaurants, work vehicles and even offices. There is no tobacco smoke, no tar, no carbon monoxide and no passive smoke!

Satisfy your smoking urge with the electronic cigarette today!

   Components of an Electronic Cigarette
Nicotine Cartomizer
The cartomizer stores a flavoured nicotine liquid. When you inhale this becomes a vapourised type of smoke.
The cartomizer refill is also a micro heating element. This component known as a vapouriser, rapidly heats the flavoured nicotine liquid to produce a smooth tasting vapour. Each cartomizer is comparable to 40 regular cigarettes.
Rechargeable Battery
The rechargeable battery powers the cartomizer allowing it to heat the nicotine liquid. VIP lithium-ion batteries fully charge in around 2 hours.

Looks and Feels Like a Real Cigarette
The lastest design of electronic cigarette looks just like a conventional cigarette and even features an LED in the tip which glows red whenever you inhale. Vapour is inhaled and exhaled to mimic conventional cigarette smoke. The vapour also delivers a nicotine hit to help control those addictive cravings.

The electronic cigarette, electric cigarette or e cigarette is the ONLY alternative to offer the same hand-to-mouth action and incorporate a realistic substitute for smoke. By understanding the needs of smokers, VIP Electronic Cigarette is now one of the most popular brands of e-cigarette in the UK.

Legal to Smoke Electronic Cigarette Anywhere

Smoking has been a popular pastime for many years, but the health risks of tobacco cigarettes affect non-smokers in the form of passive smoke. This is the main reason why smoking is prohibited in most public places.
The new electronic cigarette simulates traditional smoking and you get the same taste through vapourized nicotine, but without the tobacco toxins and passive smoke. You can use the e cigarette in public indoor places without breaking any laws.

The E Cigarette is Up To 85% Cheaper than Tobacco

Tobacco costs have dramatically increased over the last 10 years which has forced some people to quit, cut back or even resort to purchasing smuggled tobacco cigarettes.
Using an electronic cigarette is cost effective and can save you a lot of money. Each ecig refill is equal to around 40 regular cigarettes. If your regular brand of tobacco cigarette is £6.30 per pack and you smoke 1 pack per day, you can save around £1900 a year.

By using the electronic cigarette no more filled ash trays to be emptied and cleaned, no more odor lingering on the clothes and rooms, considerable money saving and so forth.
After seeing all these advantageous listed above I am sure most smoker in this world may want to shift to electronic cigarette. 

Downside to this is that many non smokers may also take up smoking of these cigarettes as the health risks are much less to the conventional cigarette………. Only time will tell the results of these Electronic cigarettes